How Social Media Helps Sales


Social media integrates very well with marketing. It is a necessary part of generating sales for your products and services. This doesn't mean that you need constant promoting or having your social platforms overtake your life. If you build relationships and help people with your content, an audience will come.

Here's why social media is crucial to your marketing success:

1. Social Listening

Take a look at YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok hashtags related to the niche of interest to you. This research is an opportunity for you to see what's relevant to potential customers. It also allows you to join engaging discussions and build a community. Community-building is essential for creators that are new to an industry.

2. Smart Use of Your Time

One huge disadvantage is selling in crowded marketplaces (without an audience), so use social media to build your audience. There are thousands of sellers on Airbnb, Amazon, etc. and statistics prove that word-of-mouth marketing works. According to PostBeyond, social media has 4.33 billion users worldwide. If you build a community that loves and recommends your offers, you can scale your business.

3. Long-term Name/Brand Recognition

If you share your story or daily experiences, you build brand awareness and trust. People buy from people/brands that they know. Sharing your knowledge on a topic for months or years shows your expertise.

Social media is a great way to tie your name to a topic - which makes selling easier. It's good to keep your branding similar across your products and social media handles.

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