5 Pieces of Advice I Wish Someone Gave Me Before I Started a Vlog


Are you ready to quit the corporate world and start a vlog? Read on to learn these five lessons the easy way. Take note of these things before you begin:

Believe in yourself

It's easy to feel like an imposter. You begin to wonder if you are good enough, or if you have the skills to receive payment for your work. A mindset like this makes it difficult to create consistent content. So set your boundaries and speak to yourself with confidence.

Invest in a learning

Investing in your skill is a good decision. Like college, good coaching will advance your career. Coaching provides specialized knowledge designed to help you achieve your goals faster. Freebies will teach you the basics afterward; you need fundamental knowledge. If you have the means, invest in a coach or course.

Make time for networking.

Your network contributes to your success. Find like-minded people that you can collaborate and connect with. Tap into different audience pools. Plus, give yourself a chance at more referrals. The more people know you, the easier it is to get brand deals and sponsorships.

Burnout is inevitable

Leaving the corporate setting doesn't mean you won't get stressed; stress is inevitable. Develop strategies against procrastination to reduce your stressors. At some point, lack of rest and negative emotions can build up, so make sure that you take care of yourself between projects to maintain your health.

Gain financial literacy

Working for yourself means doing your taxes, tracking your income, and monitoring expenses. Preparation and organization are essential. Learn financial terms to understand the figures generated by your accounting software.

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