Critical Steps to Grow Your Audience


Everybody has a secret formula for growing their audience. Here are the steps common to each of them:

Be honest

Tell the truth about your skills and let people know how you came to work in your industry. As an amateur, you aren't at a disadvantage; amateurs are recent learners who identify well with beginner's challenges. People also don't expect much of you, which reduces your performance pressure.

Be weird

Have you seen a bread aisle? There are also plenty of people doing the same things on the internet. That's why weird stands out. Lean into your weirdness, create good work, and encourage people to buy.

Love the process

Gary Vaynerchuk is right! You won't get very far by worrying about the reward first. Money comes in the long run, so in the short run you need an intrinsic motivator to do good work. The overnight successes of J.K. Rowlings, Michael Jordan and many others were years in the making. Choose something you'd be willing to do for free and stick with it for a while.

Share something every day

Before you promote a product, document its creation. Before you sell, give away value. Consumers are not only interested in spending, they crave content too. Share something small each day; this keeps you relevant to your audience and leads to more sales.

Become a good storyteller

How can you ensure that people always click? You tell a good story. A good story makes people emotional and helps them connect with you. Loyal fans convert into long-term rewards, which make your business sustainable.

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