Boost Engagement With These Newsletter Formats


Every email has something valuable to share with subscribers. But most won't realize it until you send enticing newsletter formats.

Short Updates

Keep it short, whether it's about what's happening in the industry or in your life. Seth's Godin's 150-word emails are divine; they're so punchy and sweet that we enjoy them. The goal is to stay under 1,000 words so save the lengthy details for your blog. Serve up highlights in active language to your newsletter subscribers.

Share a thought-provoking idea

Offer your subscribers one thought to ponder through their day. If you think about things differently, write a short, convincing piece. Readers will think about it all day because it's unlike anything else they will read that day.

Use a story to share your idea

Let's say you're talking about how your mindset shifts while getting something done. People can find walls of content on Google about this topic. To keep readers from clicking away, speak of your personal experience. Weave your concepts into a story and feed compelling insights - line by line. Eyes will follow along the story and then meet your non-disruptive call-to-action below. Many viral LinkedIn posts use this technique, which also works for emails.

The key to engaging email formats? Simplicity

  • Using fewer words keeps your views high from beginning to end.
  • Design the look and feel of your newsletter to suit your audience. Depending on A/B testing, you can share a plain-text story or will need to include images, emojis and colors.
  • Stand out with unique ideas, not clickbait.
  • Weave compelling arguments into stories for teaching your attentive audience.

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