Tips to Scale Newsletter Subscriber Numbers


Platforms change but email is a marketing constant. This stability makes growing your email list even easier than you think. Here are six tips to level up your strategy.

You don't need a lead magnet

If you dread creating a freebie, you don't need to make one. Create a landing page or punchy pop-up to share why readers need to hit subscribe.

Set a consistent schedule

Sticking to a schedule feels like a waste of time when you only have a few subscribers, but your growth depends on consistency. How often can subscribers expect to hear from you? What days will you publish? Clear expectations hold you accountable and make subscribers look forward to your emails. This is especially true when they've seen a sneak peek of the value that you deliver.

Read your insights

In the beginning, you won't have much data to guide your content production. Afterward, you can learn what your readers are into and produce more of this content type. Niching down to a few evergreen topics feels counterintuitive, but it helps you serve a specific set of consumers and build a community.

Engage with subscribers

Send a few emails that encourage replies. Then when people email you back, always reply. It's a good courtesy that helps you build relationships.

Ensure your social buttons work

Make it effortless to share your newsletter. Social media links also make it easy to cross-promote your social profiles.

Include a Call to Action

Don't explain what you do. Instead, show the value that someone receives from a transaction with you. Benefits trump “what you do” CTA statements. Be specific and if possible, share a sample of what they can look forward to receiving.

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