How You Get Better Ideas from Your Notes


Every day we're exposed to herds of information, so it’s essential to pick and write down insights you want to remember. Great thinkers are active note-takers who know the source of their ideas. To get the most out of the thousands of facts you see daily, jot things down regularly.

Be lazy

You can make notes in messy handwriting. You can even use a pencil or your phone. The worthiness of your jottings depends on the ideas that they inspire. Give yourself the freedom to make notes often.

Scribble only the main points

Your notes should highlight the key points. Only take 5-10% of the ideas from a piece that you’ve read. This practice ensures that you don't overwrite.

Connect notes

Link your notes by topic. This organization allows you to see patterns and retrieve ideas quickly.

Make evergreen notes

If you often refer to a source, make a note of the data and author. When something changes your perspective on an issue, journalize it. Evergreen notes are a goldmine for ideas.

Build stories around your notes

Include appropriate notes in your content. Not only does this make your copy more credible, but it also gives you chances to tell stories. Remember the genius analogy that you saw a while back. Then use your notes to refresh your memory and share an anecdote in your content.

Hopefully, these tips give you a strategy to optimize your jottings. It's easy to write notes if you try hard enough. Keep writing and making use of each in your content.

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