4 Tips for Higher Newsletter Open Rates


Improving your open rates is vital to your business success; it's also a skill that anyone can develop. What you say and how you say it can have a positive impact on your metrics. We’ll take a look at four ways to boost your open rates (and improve your metrics).

Tell stories

If it's uncomfortable for you to share your struggles in public, then share them privately. Your newsletter is the perfect place to deepen your connection with your audience. The more that people can relate to you, the more connected they’ll feel. So share stories and testimonials and let people experience your brand.

Respect your reader's intelligence

Spend time honing your craft. Read books, take newsletter copywriting courses, and edit your drafts. Everyone begins as an amateur and over time you get better at writing or outsourcing responsibilities. Before clicking on publish, ask yourself, "would I read this email if I received it?" If not, then do make revisions.

Be helpful

How will you solve people's problems? Will you provide discount codes or insightful facts? People are looking to make their lives easier, so help them. Focus on the consumer's benefits when creating - give value and produce authentic content.

Make attractive letters

All of our previous advice focuses on the body of your newsletter. Now, it's time to give attention to the subject line, image, keywords and design. The subject line decides if your email gets opened. Avoid clickbait and highlight the key takeaway of your newsletter. Once you've gotten customers to open the email, be sure that your design holds their attention. Use an easy-to-read font, calm background colors, and imagery.

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