Expand Your Horizon to Make Social Media Posting Easier


It's natural to limit yourself to a few topics. After creating a few pieces of content, you realize that you have a niche for certain topics. So, you play to your strengths and end up saying the same things in different ways.

It's worthwhile to repeat yourself when something is essential to success, but if done all the time, things become boring for your audience. John Medina says it well, "people don't pay attention to boring things."

Write on topics that complement your niche.

If you're a self-help writer, you probably find yourself in a chair, at a desk, most days. How do you prevent wrist and back pain? When do you get exercise? Do you wear glasses and what do you love about them? Content on complementing topics also helps your readers and keeps them interested.

Write on topics that you enjoy.

Start with a disclosure. State that this isn't your usual content, but that you felt compelled to speak on the issue. Then proceed to talk about the things of interest to you. Sometimes, you can discover demand exists for this topic and make it a regular feature on your feed.

Tell stories in your writing.

Share stories and bring statistics and facts to life through storytelling. If you don't think your life is interesting, then talk about products or public figures you admire. Many self-help books use personal stories and anecdotes to share a point. Repeating yourself with a story is more attractive than just plain facts. Use this as a way to reconnect with your audience when your views are down.

Key Takeaway: Don't be afraid to explore!

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