Web Design Mistakes That Turn Visitors Away


It’s natural to skip the web design templates when creativity is a way of life for you. Keep in mind, however, that some things are universal to good design. If you make mistakes, your web design may not convert your audience.

Hard to read fonts

We love cursive fonts but we should avoid adding them to our website design. Most handwriting and creative fonts are difficult to read and this will turn away readers.

Unclear website purpose

Search engines use SEO to know what your site is about. If your website SEO is unclear, your website will pop up in the wrong search results. Visitors will not get the information that they need and will leave your page frustrated. Think about the intention behind your content and use keywords that align to this.

Difficult to scan

Have you met anyone who likes to read unattractive text? Neither have we. When possible, use headlines and bullet points. You can also use italics, boldface and quotation in key focus areas.

Lack of aesthetics

Could you move things around to make the text breathe? Why are there no photos to prove your claims or to show the result of your instructions? Space makes reading easier on the eyes, and written procedures without images exclude picture-loving readers.

Moving design layout

Avoid elements that slide into place for the following reasons. First, they can take longer to load (and slow loading times can turn away readers). Second, the elements can overlap on small devices, making it impossible to visit some web pages.

There you have it: five web design mistakes that hurt the performance of your site.

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