Signs It's Time to Upgrade Your Hosting


If you have a website, then you have a hosting provider. Hosting is a service that makes your website accessible via the world wide web. Many website owners opt for shared hosting, since this provides all the necessary resources while being inexpensive.

However, when your website begins to grow, there may be some signs that it is time to upgrade your hosting storage.

Your Website Traffic Continues to Grow

As a website and small business owner, having a lot of web traffic can be a good thing. It’s a sign that more people are one step closer to becoming customers purchasing your goods or services. When your website grows, each new visitor on the page requires the server to work a little bit harder. With this in mind, it is important to monitor how it performs when it has a lot of website traffic. Do the pages still load quickly? Does the website go down for a period of time? If you sell e-commerce, does the checkout process still function?

Overworked servers slow down the loading times and performance of your site. This can give a bad impression to visitors and even force them to abandon your site completely, which could impact your sales or lose your business potential customers. Upgrading your web hosting could solve this problem.

Your Website Frequently Goes Offline

Any time your website goes offline, it is an issue. During any time period that your website is offline, anyone trying to visit your website and learn more about your company will not be able to do so.

Unfortunately, continual availability isn’t always a reality and some downtown for web maintenance is normal. However, if you see that your website is down more than it is functioning, your host might be using old hardware that is prone to breaking.

If you monitor your website’s time online versus offline and the time offline is greater than time online, it is time to upgrade your hosting.

You Want to Host Additional Websites

Although not every business needs to host multiple websites, lots of companies do, especially as your company grows and scales. Even as your user base grows, you may decide that you want websites in different languages or targeted for different countries.

Many hosting solutions limit how many websites you can host and if you reach your maximum, you will need to upgrade to a new plan. For example, with the Basic Dataczar plan, you can only host one website. But when you upgrade to the Pro Plan you can host up to five websites per month, and if you upgrade to the Deluxe Plan, there is no limit on the number of websites you can host.

Dataczar offers a variety of plans, each with its own hosting storage and hosting options so that you can select the plan that best suits your business’s online needs.

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