How to Start Writing Articles for Your Blog Every Day


If you want to pump out articles with unrelenting intensity, then stop conjuring excuses. You do have time. You can write today. Imagine how much better you would feel by hitting publish every day. You could commit to your career as a writer.

The most important step people avoid

Start writing - you do not have to wait for something interesting to happen in your life. There are plenty of exciting things happening around you. Capture your ideas in a journal or spreadsheet, do some research, and then submit your words to publications to build your confidence. If you can write and publish work often, you can form a writing habit.

Stop setting unnecessary requirements for yourself

Writers do not have to be authors, and all articles do not have to be 1,500 words. Long-form blogs optimize SEO, but you can get your point across in fewer words. Algorithms care about length; people care about value and having their questions answered. Write at a level you are comfortable with and grow from there. Seth Godin is a legend, and he published many short essays of 300 words.

Foster your identity as a writer

James Clear, in his book Atomic Habits, talks about identity change leading to lasting habits. You can change your identity from someone who wants to be a writer to someone who is a writer - by writing. If you write more times than you think about doing so and lower the hurdles you set for yourself, you can write blogs every day.