Ways to Use Reels to Establish Yourself as an Expert


Reels are the new focus of the algorithm. They give creators a fresh way to create a relatable persona, build awareness around brands, and form communities of like-minded individuals. Explore these three strategies for using videos to position yourself as an expert.

Define your goals

Nail down your messaging and be clear on your reasons for creating content - this helps you become the go-to person in a specific field. There are several ways to connect with an audience so decide on the one that’s most important to you. Zero in on one problem to determine if your content will educate, inspire or entertain.

Use reels remix

There is a reels feature that makes Instagram feel less lonely: it is the reels remix feature. For experts, it’s a way to share know-how, or to show that you know what potential clients are experiencing. Engagement is a big deal on social media. If you do not get questions in your comments or stories, then explore options. Find some questions or other relevant content and address them with your reels remix.

Embrace trends

Instagram users face a lot of pressure to have polished feeds. If you feel this pressure on social media, reels can be an excellent solution. Reels allow you to have fun, show vulnerability, inject personality, and share your expertise. As a bonus, trending dances, music and challenges aid your discoverability. The fun, relatable nature of reels can complement your brand message.

Be on-trend and relatable while sharing your niche-based knowledge.