Build a Landing Page That Converts


A landing page is where most of your potential customers go to buy or quickly lose interest. So today, we are sharing some landing page tips with you.

Short headlines

Headlines, like taglines, grab attention and the most memorable ones are short. A good example is: "Think different" by Apple. Keep your headlines focused on the main content and in a clear and concise format.

Relevant photos

Use a photo that relates to the content - this will convey a thousand words. Show your face or products to build trust and make your offer more convincing to visitors.

Say, less

Fewer words convey the same ideas better - and bullet points aid scanning. Focus on quality, not quantity, and make the text easier to scan (because people hardly read unattractive text). If your site's SEO rankings worry you, create a blog and optimize keywords in metaphrases and alt text.

Powerful CTA

Call-to-actions are a necessary element of your landing page. Create more than one CTA and place them at the end of different sections. CTAs connect your offer with the user so encourage buying throughout your copy with CTA buttons.

Let others share kind words

Offer social evidence through awards, testimonials and logos of customers. If bad reviews outweigh the good, then share the feedback and show how you have improved your services.

Last and most essential point

Be responsive. Visitors expect fast response times from websites and sellers. Improve your website load time and include answers to FAQs if you cannot respond to messages fast.