The Formula for Turning Visitors into Blog Fans


You know the time and effort that you’ve dedicated to research, writing and photography as it’s natural to feel like your blog deserves more fans. Let us optimize your visitor numbers and convert them into regular readers.

Your About Page

Most readers head over to your about page after reading or scanning the article of interest. A good about page explains who you are, what your brand does, and how you serve clients. Write this page like you are talking about yourself or your business at a networking event.

Your Face

When you think of Tesla, Elon Musk's name comes to mind. If you cannot remember the names or faces behind big brands, they’re just a search engine away. The point here is that people want to associate faces with names and companies. This includes having at least one photo of yourself - where you make eye contact - to help build trust on your website.

Your Header Tagline

What do you want visitors to remember about your site? In one sentence, explain what you do, who your site is for, and what you help clients achieve. Follow up with a call-to-action for your most sought-after offer. Review social media bios to help construct your tagline, and keep editing it until it speaks to the essence of what you do for people.

Your Blog Layout

Choose a setting that places new posts at the top of all lists. Also, be sure to have a search bar if you have more than ten articles.

Appealing blogs convert readers to fans and then to customers. Changes in attention-grabbing areas like your about page make a huge difference.