Tips to Get More Subscribers


Email is the best channel for driving sales. Monetate's eCommerce report shows that email converts better than search, organic reach or socials. Growing your subscriber list can improve your profits; try these tactics.

Value-based opt-in call-to-action

If you are an old-school marketer, you likely have an opt-in box that says sign up for our newsletter. And your readers are most likely ignoring this opt-in. Readers love free stuff. If you are currently (or plan to) give away things, clarify what the thing is. Your signup request must have a context to build intrigue and urgency.

Create more than one freebie

Information becomes irrelevant fast in this era, so your original freebie becomes useless fast. If you are constantly producing content, offer new downloads on top posts. You can create up-to-date free checklists, tools lists, or reader buy-ins.

Place opt-in forms in several locations

Where can you place your email opt-in forms? Everywhere. The website top, bottom, sidebar, or a pop-up in the middle of the page works. If your site loads a thank you page after a sale is complete, you can add a signup sheet here as well. The least used is the sidebar model because it’s not optimized for mobile users.

Make Every Word Count

People expect you to keep their privacy safe, so a statement of assurance is a waste of valuable words. Instead, use this space to share a subscriber's testimonial. Or share why your newsletter or free download is worth having.

Choose one tactic and start optimizing your opt-in box.