Get More Business From Website Visitors


If you don't speak your ideal client's language, it could be the one thing that’s making them click out of your website in less than 0.05 seconds. Technical language is vague and abstract. This means visitors leave because they don't understand what you're saying. Stop making these 3 mistakes.

Stop sharing facts without context

Why should that number matter to your audience? Your audience doesn't want to be overwhelmed by information and statistics. Audiences want solutions so point out mistakes that they're making. Or give them quick, actionable tricks. Tips are virtual samples that let visitors experience a fraction of the results you provide.

Stop trying to be creative with your message

Customers don't want to Google big words or decipher puns; they want a super relatable message. Note: this message doesn't have to be short - people will read things that hold their attention. You'll have a problem attracting your ideal clients if your message is dull or complicated.

Stop being afraid to sell

The people who don't like sales messages are people who aren't buying. Ask for the sale at the end of the pitch. Also, be sure to follow-up with clients for the next appointment or feedback after making sales. It's more awkward to end the conversation without a CTA because you aren't giving the client another reason to interact with you again.

Takeaway: sales-free jargon attracts experts in your niche, but what you want are clients with problems to solve. Use their layman's terms to show that you understand their issues and can solve them.