Winning Websites for Content Creators


For content creators, creativity comes with the territory. You’ve already mastered the online community in terms of social media. No matter if you’re a TikTok, Instagram, Youtube, or Snapchat star, you’ve become an expert.

However, content creators often skip over one of the most important pieces of online content creation success - websites that compliment your online efforts and that can tie everything together.

Here are our tips on how to create winning websites for content creators.

Keep Your Website On-Brand

The website you design should be in line with your social media channels that your audience already knows you from. Consider using the same colors, fonts, and even photos that you previously have used on your TikTok, Instagram, Youtube, or Snapchat. This will help create a cohesive brand image for your fans.

Keeping your website on-brand should also pertain to the language that you use. For instance, if you’re a young social media influencer and do not use formal language in the way you talk or your captions on social media, then you should carry this same language over onto your website pages.

Add Pages Your Established Audience Desires

Websites have nearly endless options in terms of the pages and content you can add to them, so make sure that as a content creator you are adding pages and content that your already established audience will want to view.

If you’re a content creator on a video platform, your audience may want a few pages of traditional content, like an about page. Apart from that, however, video highlights or linking to a merchandise store may be what they expect.

However, if you’re a content creator on Instagram who typically writes long captions and whose posts contain multiple photos, your audience may be used to reading more from you and may expect more in-depth website content, such as a blog page.

Creating and maintaining the website pages that your audience is most likely to visit will help keep people engaged on your website, and will enable them to get the most value from it.

Include Links on Your Website

Your established audiences know you from social media, so once you create your website, make sure that you include a link to your website on your social media channels. 

Additionally, on your website you should add links to all social media channels that you are active on. This lets your established audience find you on more social media channels than the original one that they already know you from.

The bottom line: if you are a content creator, you should create and maintain a website to help build a cohesive brand around your online presence, build up your SEO value, bring them added value, and even help your audience find you on new channels.

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