Faith in Overcoming Obstacles


Our minds are where our biggest obstacles live. Fear of rejection is often larger than emotions associated with hearing no. Fear paralyzes actions and manifests as procrastination. We need to find a way to cope with no's, ridicule and ghosting.

Many people talk themselves out of risks because they fear failure. How would Harry Potter have happened if J. K. Rowling gave into her self-doubt and fear? The book series got twelve rejections before Bloomsbury published it.

That mental fortitude is what Napoleon Hill encourages us to develop. Hill defines faith as believing your goals are achievable. When you believe in something, it is easier to convince your body to do the work necessary for success.

If you can reduce fear in your belief system, you'd be unstoppable. Start by reframing "what if's" as "why not's" to work towards your goals with determination. Faith isn't thinking you won't fail. Faith is when you believe; you can steer your energy in new ways to achieve your goals.

It takes as much energy to think of negative emotions as it does positive emotions. The only difference is that one makes you feel like anything good is possible. To visualize your full potential, Hill suggests writing down your goals. Repeating these goals for 30 minutes a day, and saying affirmations to keep you going. This process includes:

  1. Repeat your affirmations day and night.
  2. Going to a calm place, where you won't feel judged or experience disturbances. Take deep breaths and repeat your affirmations
  3. Put your written goals in a place where you can see them every day.


Successful people believe in themselves, even when no one else will. How? They say kind words (affirmations) to themselves every day. They also write their goals down and place them in a visible location. We too can start doing those 3 little things to get ahead in life.

If you like this topic, we highly recommend picking up a copy of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

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