The Secret You Need for Success


What hidden gem are you missing? The secret to getting attention is being relevant and providing value that solves problems. Yes, the people that we admire are consistent, determined, hardworking and resilient. But successful individuals are also the ones that people go to when they need answers.

If you want to learn how to bake, where do you go? When you need a phone, which brand comes to mind? The chances are that the person and business you thought of is a well-known expert in their industry. This is not a coincidence; people buy from and support those that they believe can help them. This point leads to our first trait of success.

Start With Your Experience

Nobody starts as an expert. But you can become an expert if you share the experience you already have.

Research only allows you to find what already exists. People crave new, live information. Practice and experience will help you give your audience what they want. So gain some experience and document what you've learned to create content.


Celebrities earn millions because they're relevant. Every time they're featured in a story, traffic to their websites increase - and so does their income!  This can be the same for you. After documenting your experience, leave thoughtful comments online. These comments get your name in front of people. Then they get curious, which leads them to visit your page.

Repeat What Works

Successful people don't work until they burn out. As soon as the business achieves a financial goal, successful entrepreneurs hire employees. Later, they expand, start vacationing, retire early, and pursue new interests. Do the same. Find a way to show up consistently so that you can keep your momentum and relationships going.

What Now?

We debated about which one is most critical and the Dataczar team can't pick a favorite. But if you focus on any one of these three right now, you'll be closer to your goals because of it.