5 Sure Ways to Make Scroll Stopping Videos


People love videos but audiences don't appreciate your effort unless it's engaging. So let's go through the elements of the perfect video to maximize the success of your content.

  1. Capture Attention Within 3 Seconds
  • Strong Headline

A strong hook draws your audience in to learn more. Add a headline using a video editor or graphic design app.

  • Music or Visuals

Choose a trending song or an audio clip people want to hear on repeat. If you don't have a strong headline, opt for visual clickbait. Creative thumbnails grab attention and raise curiosity.

  1. High-quality Cover Photo

Avoid using the blurry, out-of-focus screen grab from your video. Upload an image from your camera roll or a graphic you designed.

  1. Show Your Personality
  • Be Yourself

A video is a fantastic way to humanize your brand. Your choice of transitions creates interest and allows viewers to feel your personality through the screen. Transition options include dance, clap, jump, etc.

  • Be creative

Do something only you would think of, making your approach to a popular trend different.

  1. Give Value

You can educate your audience while entertaining them. You can also make viewers laugh by sharing relatable moments with subtitles.

  1. Have Fun

Yes, you will look like a dork to the people surrounding you. But don't let "what people will think" overwhelm you.


It's so exciting to create videos for your community. To keep viewers engaged from start to finish, ensure that your next video includes: a strong hook, trending music, personality, and a value element.