Why You Need Both Paid and Free Content


Yes or yes: everybody loves free resources?
Freebies provide instant wins for you and your audience. You can get an email address and build your online community. Your audience gets answers to their questions.

But after reading all of your content (or the resources of other creators), audiences aren't beginners anymore. They also stop getting results from your tips, and instead, these general solutions only cause information overload for your readers.

At this point, paid content is necessary. Your community members will only gain clarity and results when they purchase your offer.

Free Versus Paid Content: Which One Do You Need?

Both! At one point or another, we all thought that Google searches would solve our problems. But we were wrong.

Free Content

Free content helps potential customers and clients find you. If they aren't ready to buy, free content builds trust and connection. Most critical of all, it allows potential clients to understand what you will do to get the results they want. This understanding is necessary for clients who hope to talk down your price.

Free content includes everything you access online without your credit card details. Characteristics of free content are:

  • General information
  • Small, bite-sized tips
  • Requires time to find resources
  • Use yields little results

Paid Content

Paid content allows you to earn an income, while clients receive custom solutions. It's made available through books, courses, memberships and services. Characteristics of paid content are:

  • Detailed, insightful information
  • Personalized business solutions
  • 1:1 or community support
  • Information provided for specific problems


It's okay and necessary to nurture your audience with free content. Then sell paid content to help audiences achieve a greater level of success.