5 Questions to Ask Before You Hit Post


Why overthink your next blog post (at Dataczar)? Before you hit publish, ask yourself these five questions.

  1. Is your title engaging?

Forget puns and creative title tactics. Those become confusing and cryptic when you're dealing with a busy audience. Instead, try to include one or more keywords in your title. Ultra-specific headlines add urgency and uniqueness.

  1. Did you write for the web?

Readers like to skim. Short sentences (averaging 14-20 words) and paragraphs (2-3 sentences) make your post scannable. It's even easier to get the gist of what you're saying if you include subheadings.

Search engines like focus words. Place your keywords in critical areas like your title, meta description and introduction. Include at least one keyword or phrase per subheading and 200-300 words. This technique prevents keyword stuffing and increases focus word density.

  1. Is the image relevant?

Visual elements boost reader engagement by 65%. But that's only if the pictures grab people’s attention and are relevant to the post topic. Try to find photos that don't look like stock images and edit the Alt Text to increase keyword rankings.

  1. Did you exclude jargon?

A good blog post is inclusive. Use simple terms and explain jargon to ensure readers outside your niche understand the article.

  1. Did you include a call to action?

Encourage readers to make use of your content. Let your readers know what to do after reading. Whether they are to think about something, comment, buy, download or subscribe.

Lastly, for long articles, hint at points made farther down in the post to encourage top to bottom reading.

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