Sharpen the Saw


Challenges keep us from success. Take time to improve your mind, body and spirit for the potential problems ahead. Devote time to reflection and rest. That's the last habit taught by Stephan Covey.

People who motivate and inspire us to be better think beyond today's urgent tasks. They prepare themselves for the future and all of its possibilities. 

Take a look at your mission statement from habit 2 (begin with the end in mind). This reflection will remind you of your personal, career or business goals. Afterward, think about where you are now; consider all the activities you need to be doing and put them into your regular schedule. These activities will strengthen your weakness.

If your goal is physical health, focus on exercise, healthy eating and rest. For emotional strength, network and maintain meaningful social connections. Write, learn, read and teach - to practice new skills and build mental strength. If your goal is spiritual strength or mindfulness, focus on meditation, yoga, walks, etc.

Covey also stresses that company success depends on strong individual performance. So some values, skills and behaviors should be universal among all team members for synergy. Long story short, we need to work on ourselves before we can grow into success and effectiveness. It may not be easy but thanks to 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, you have a roadmap to a worthwhile outcome.