Surprising Reasons Followers Are Not Converting


How many times have you heard "provide value?” Finally, you do it for months, yet no one seems ready to buy your service. The reason being is that we confuse growing follower numbers with sales. The only metric that matters for business success is money in the bank. There's no shame in making this mistake but let’s discuss different approaches to start making money.

  1. Show up with authority

Delete the words "I believe," "I think" and "maybe" from your vocabulary. It's better to explain your experience in an industry when advising, as if you would when applying for a job. Here are statements to use when inexperienced on a topic:

  1. "I'm not an expert in this area but from personal experience..."
  2. "I know XYZ very well, I recently tried ABC and this is my opinion on it..."

Choose words that show you're confident and your tips will work when used by your audience.

  1. Sell

A brick-and-mortar store isn't loaded with educational, how-to content. The owners also never forget to remind you to buy, check out products, or come back again when you're leaving the store. This approach is needed in your digital store as followers need to know that they’re missing out. Gentle reminders include:

  1. Social proof.
  2. Samples or free consultations.
  3. Link in bio CTAs.
  1. Share your transformation

Did you once struggle with something but now you don't? Do you work less and earn more money? Let your followers know how your strategies help you grow your business, mindset or income. It's okay to share day-to-day stuff like your workday or preparation process.

Takeaway: Even in the digital space, you need to act like a physical store to get sales. That means being the expert, selling and testifying for the product's quality.