Grab More Attention With This Simple Trick


It's insane to keep doing one thing when you don't see long-term results. People get bored; people change and want new things. You and your brand need to change too - that's why switching things up gets attention. 

Do you need to rebrand every time? No, most people don't go from brunette to blonde in a single hair appointment. The same applies here as rebranding is a drastic change. A large-scale revamp is the last resort so before doing this, make small changes and track the differences. 

How will you know what to change about your brand? 

1. Examine Your Insights 

Check your data and confirm the findings by surveying clients. 


2. Talk to Your Audience

To know for sure, you have to engage your audience. After all, your audience is the one interacting with your content and buying your product. So before you change anything, ask and listen to feedback. How to begin the conversation? Share a poll or question box in your Stories, or ask for feedback as a CTA.  


3. Collaborate with New People

Engaging with others via comments and DMs is helpful and necessary but the results are slow. Attract attention by aligning yourself with a fresh face, product or location. How to make collaborations happen? Invite industry colleagues to work with you or make yourself available for opportunities. 


4. Revise Offerings

When a product or service is no longer in demand, take it off the shelf. Use this time and effort to make and sell something people want. 


Note. If you want more attention, remember one thing - switch it up.