Maturity on the Entrepreneurial Perspective


Serving everyone is a common mistake of new entrepreneurs. It's better to specialize in baking cakes, than it is to bake any pastry from a box. 

Specializing is an excellent example of the entrepreneurial model. An entrepreneur who satisfies specific customers with innovation uses the entrepreneurial model. Apple does this very well; thus their business plan focuses on how best to serve potential customers.

Successful businesses are also the best examples of maturity. Their owners study the past and make time for learning. This allows them to draft strategies with confidence and create new client-focused solutions.

Two signs of maturity in business leaders are:

  1. Better questions. The ability to ask questions aimed at improving customer experiences.
  2. Thinking about the future. A mature businesswoman wonders about achieving her legacy and changing the future.

A mature business owner has an entrepreneurial perspective. If only day-to-day tasks receive attention, the business owner has a technician perspective.

The Entrepreneurial Perspective:

  • Views the business as a way to serve customers. The technician perspective sees the business as work.
  • Asks "How will the business operate?" The technician perspective asks, "What work needs completing?"
  • Drafts well-planned strategies for changing the future. While the technician fears the future and thinks in the present.
  • Analyses the business as a whole. The technician notices parts of the company.

If things that once mattered seem trivial now, you have an entrepreneurial perspective. Otherwise, the technician perspective drives your thought process.

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