How to Write for More Reads


You deserve to have your words read because, as we all know, the magic of connecting and converting happens in the body of your email. Let's make this happen with these top tips to structure your emails. 

Headline Hook

Start with charm and relevance. Lure your viewers in with a compelling hook that has them hurrying to read more. A question, single word, or cleverly written sentence works well as a headline. Some email apps show the first sentence(s) in the headline or notification. Do make sure that this is clickbait worthy too. 


  • Style 1- No introduction. Product sellers have the freedom to send a branded link tree page with only listings of their products. 
  • Style 2 - Hey, subscriber. Both product and service providers can say hey, (subscriber name). Then move right into the topic of discussion.
  • Style 3 - Short introduction. Think of IG reels and TikTok videos. They're short and snappy, delivering the main points fast. That's the ideal approach here, keeping audiences reading further. 


Now that you've stated your clickbait, deliver what you promised; it's the main reason you're writing. Fill it with substance, like you would your caption, blog posts and video content. Remember to write in your brand voice and tone. 


Hone in on the main message behind the email. Be sure to list or bullet takeaways. This way, no one (even skimmers) misses anything important. 


End with a Call to Action. Encourage readers to take some form of action. 

And this is how you use storytelling to get your emails to be read from the beginning, middle, to end.