How to Get People to Click on Subscribe


Give consistent value, isn’t that what gurus say? Well, they're right because that’s what it takes but what they aren't telling you is the how. The how is essential; having a well-thought-out content strategy makes a difference. And it's exactly the thing we're sharing now. 

  1. Be Different

If someone's doing XYZ in your niche, do either one of two things: do either the complete opposite or do something similar but with a unique spin. We sure hope personality isn't something you switch on and off. The things you share, the way you show up, your visual identity — these all help you stand out. Of course, you can find clients by being an average Joe but you can't build a well-known identity without a brand. Recognized businesses are the ones people readily line up to access. 

  1. Have a Content Strategy

When you know what you need to do, tasks are simple and get done quickly. Simple is the key to consistency and being consistent helps you get results and grow faster. With clarity on your strategy, you will:

  • Have a niche
  • Know your audience
  • Have a clear message
  • Deliver value based on your expertise with clarity and a strong personality
  • Be strategic with the information you share
  1. Be Patient 

Organic growth takes time. In the beginning, subscribers are small so give time to referrals, shares, and your SEO. If after 3 months of consistent efforts you don't see results, then it’s time to switch things up.

What are we saying? You need to have a strategy so that you can grow, adapt and remain true to yourself.