Infancy: The Technician's Phase


Learning is the one little thing to start (or continue) doing if you want to be ahead of everyone else. A great tool that we recommend is the E-Myth by Michael Gerber. Books aren’t the end-all means of learning as reading the summary here and other articles along the way help too. 

There are so many convenient and popular methods. For instance, podcasts, documentaries, mini-blogs on social media, free webinars and online courses. Our need for learning never ends. Learning becomes even more critical when business owners want to succeed.

However, our technician-personality doesn't want to stick its head in a book. No, our technician-personality prefers boasting about how the job got done without reading the manual. A mindset like this causes businesses to suffer. The classic “work smart not hard” is at play here.

As such, business owners go through three mindset phases:

  1. Infancy - The business is thriving and customers are leaving good reviews. Then, there is a decrease in revenue or the needs of clients change. The technician realizes that she must upskill to stay relevant in the market.
  2. Adolescence - This phase starts when you start to invest in your skillset and expertise. Adolescence ends when comfort zones expand.
  3. Maturity - When leadership capabilities improve and entrepreneurial visions broaden, the business owner's mindset has matured.

Thus, an entrepreneur in infancy tries to replace their corporate salary. At the adolescence stage, they seek to learn more to qualify for higher-paying client work. At last, the entrepreneur matures and can hire a full-time team plus expand into new industries.

Love this blog post? Read the E-Myth by Michael Gerber. Not only will you feel inspired, but you also close the book knowing something profound about business.