Start With a Plan


Starting without a plan; it’s one of the most common mistakes new entrepreneurs make. This mistake shouldn't come as a surprise. Many aspiring business people receive "start before you're ready" advice.

But, Michael Gerber understands that planning is essential to business success. The strength of an entrepreneur's vision and business plan supports long-term growth. He further explains that a business owner is three people in one:

  1. The Entrepreneur
  2. The Manager
  3. The Technician

Differing personalities are a problem because each one wants to lead, wants to achieve different goals, and has a specific way of doing things. 

The three personalities:

  1. Entrepreneur: She's the one bringing all of the new concepts into your head. She rarely thinks in the present and never thinks of the past; instead, she lives in the future. The entrepreneur in you has the vision and drives the manager to act.
  2. Manager: She convinces you to itemize your tasks and have processes for which to execute your strategy. Order and execution matter to this realistic and practical personality. To the manager, the technician is a problem to control.
  3. Technician: She gets things done. This personality is a doer who lives in the present. Sometimes, the technician thinks new ideas won't work and doubts the entrepreneur. Other times, the processes of the manager-personality frustrate the technician.

Planning promotes harmony between the personalities. Take a minute to do your research. Draft your execution strategy and break projects into small tasks.

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