Sharing Your Dataczar Account


Managing your website can be exciting, especially if you are passionate about its purpose and cause. However, if you ask many website owners what it takes to constantly keep their content active, they’ll most likely say time is the most crucial factor.  Continual updates and adding key search words are important for improving SEO (search engine optimization). Unfortunately, not everyone has the time to keep websites maintained with engaging content, which is vital to maintain and increase web traffic.

That’s where delegating content creation, uploading, and management tasks can be handy - enabling you to focus on other activities related to your business or cause.
You’ll be pleased to know that Dataczar allows you to share your account with a friend or other users!  Sharing your Dataczar account is a great way to delegate tasks to others, enabling them to edit or manage your account. This is all done without having to share your password or other account security details.

Learn how to create and launch account sharing invitation links with other people (so they can activate your invitation, signup and help manage your website) in our short tutorial.