Does My Personal Brand Need a Website?


Whether you’re a freelancer, speaker, author, hairdresser, plumber, other skilled entrepreneur or  professional, it can be hard to decide whether or not your personal brand needs a website. After all, social media can provide a certain level of exposure for your business. However, social media can only go so far. 

Here are the signs that you should consider buying a domain and building a website. 

You Have Trouble Reaching New Consumers 

Social media is great if you have an established and loyal following. If you’re lucky enough to have found yourself in the situation where your followers are reposting or sharing the content you post, you will naturally be getting in front of a new audience regularly. 

Most professionals don’t have it that easy.  Many business owners or entrepreneurs struggle with getting their posts in front of a large enough audience or new audiences. 

Instead of investing money to boost every post your business page publishes on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn, create a website. With a customized website, you can use keywords and simple optimization techniques to naturally attract new customers that can find your website via a search engine.  The website practically does the work for you!

On your website, you can even include links to your social media channels so that new audiences finding you from search engines can easily find your social media channels as well. 

You Need to Boost Your Credibility 

While social media somewhat limits the types of content that can be posted on each channel, the sky's the limit with your website. You can design your website however best fits your company’s needs. 

By designing a website that showcases your brand, its offerings, and what makes it unique, you will be boosting your credibility with people that visit your website. Moreover, a website for your company helps establish a basic relationship with prospective customers. They can learn more about you, see examples of your work, hear what others are saying about you,  and hire you or buy your product or service! 

Your Competitors Already Have a Website 

If your competitors already have their business websites (they do), then you are a step behind the competition. But, it’s not too late! Purchase a domain name today that is right for your business, and start building your website to keep your business on par with your competition. 

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