What to Know Before Creating a Website


You’ve purchased the perfect domain name, and now it’s time to start planning and building your company’s website. Before you jump right in, there are a few things your company should take the time to plan.

Your Objective

Before you build your website or plan how it is going to look, you need to know the objective of the website. Are you a freelancer who needs to establish an online portfolio? Or, are you a small business owner that needs to establish a web presence to drive sales? 

Establishing your website objective will help shape the rest of your website, from the headlines you use in your copy to the layout and even which images you choose to include. 

Website Content

The average person’s attention span is less than eight seconds. To make an impression on your website visitors, your content needs to be short, attention-grabbing, and to-the-point. 

Before you build out your website, plan what content will be included. You can outline which navigational page tabs you want to include (Home, Blog, FAQ, and Contact pages are good examples of this). You also want to determine what’s the most critical information to include on each page. 

For example, if you are a cosmetologist that can do hair, nails, spray tans, and a variety of other services, it seems logical to list all of the questions you receive about every service and pricing on the FAQ page, but this will deter readers. Readers will enter the page, see a long block of text and then click away without taking the time to read for the answer to their specific question. A better alternative to long blocks of text is to include links to other web pages with that specific information or to add more calls to action that invite visitors to contact you directly. 


A consistent branding look will help make your website look cohesive and professional. Take the time to decide key branding elements before you launch your company website. These should include things like font, text sizes, text colors, page colors, and logo use or placement. 

Photos, Videos, and Graphics 

Photos, videos, and graphics are another web element that play into branding but also overall user experience on your website. You will want the use of photos, videos, and even graphics to appear similar on your website, email marketing, social media marketing and other digital communications. Choosing, say one cartoon, look for your website while you use stock images for social media may confuse your audience. 

Placement of photos, videos, and graphics matters too. Always preview your website on both a mobile device and a desktop to make sure any photos, videos, or graphics load quickly and fit in the screen space. 

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