3 Reminders to Stop You From Overthinking Taking Action


A common struggle for business owners is self-doubt, as it’s completely normal to feel this imposter syndrome. To help you improve your mindset, we're sharing some of our favorite reminders to repeat to yourself when insecurities start to overwhelm you.

  1. You Can Figure Anything Out

If you want to succeed, you have to be willing to try again; you also need to know when to quit. Sometimes, the best solution is delegation so don’t rule out asking for help.

  1. People Want to Hear What You Have to Say

Things that are easy for you aren't necessarily easy for someone else. Even in a crowded marketplace, there are still clients searching for services and products to better suit their needs. They are looking for you! Have faith in your skills and let them know the capacity you're available to help.

  1. Nobody Expects You to be Perfect

Nobody expects perfection, except for you. Perfectionism is another form of procrastination. There is always room for improvement - so apply being a little less perfect to your new formula, launch, website update, or next post. After all, you can't change yesterday but you can change how you approach today. Apply this mindset to your projects and try to channel more of your energy into new ones.