Simple Ways to Maximize Images for Your Marketing


Your visuals matter: you can’t get away with unprofessional images on your socials or website. We are talking about photos which are:

  • blurry
  • out of focus
  • badly filtered
  • over edited
  • dark & dimly lit
  • popular as stock images

These are not characteristics that will make anyone swoon or scroll endlessly, as the first thing people notice are your pictures. It’s best to keep photos cohesive and filled with your brand’s colors to communicate an energized, recognizable brand story. When it comes to visual content, these are our top tips.

  • Add a human element like you, a face, or hand
  • Book yourself a branding shoot
  • Share high-quality, in-focus images
  • Repeatedly use a style, feel or angle for your flat lays
  • Stick with colors, filters or themes aligned to your branding
  • Create your own branded graphics and quote tiles

This doesn't mean that you cannot capture attention with stock images. It just means that you need to be creative to keep the visual vibe of your marketing consistent and cohesive.

Remember, images tell your brand’s story and showcase your brand’s personality. The story you want to share is that your business is professional, with a strong sense of brand identity.