How to Correct Common Website Mistakes


Knowledge of common mistakes is crucial to boosting your website’s sales. Before you start building or revising your website, make sure it focuses on user-friendliness and user experience because this either aids or hurts your conversions.

  • Early Offer Sharing

Research shows that pop-ups work but many people dislike them. If your ideal clients don't like this sign-up style, then use instead a strong call-to-action at the top of your website.

  • Clear Communication

Features, hard to understand words, and vague buzzwords make your offers unappealing to visitors. The most helpful sales copy addresses the benefits by painting a picture of the achievable results with solutions offered.

  • Relevant Images

As tempting as it is to use high-quality stock images on your website, avoid it if you can. We recommend that you pick an approachable photo of yourself or a great shot of your products.

On average, pictures of humans perform better than things. Plus, faces are more memorable and help build trust.

  • Easy Navigation

It should be super easy to get from your home page to your order page. You want just a couple of clicks to take people where they want to go.

First, save the creativity for your copy. Give your navigation buttons obvious names like: shop, blog, contact, etc. You are also encouraged to keep contact forms easy to find and short; only ask for essential information such as name, email address, and a note.


Be sure to make your offers very clear to your ideal client while showing your personality. If you are ever in doubt, choose simplicity over bells and whistles.