Website Trends to Elevate Your Business


Check out the top 4 website trends of 2021 that are sure to elevate your business! Human connection is the key to these trends. Each trend will keep your brand in front of your target market through social awareness, authenticity and community-centered focus.


The purpose of a website is to tell visitors what you do. Using the story format, you can enrapture audiences to stick around for more details about your brand. When done right, you take people along your business journey to gain friends, fans and brand advocates.

Live Chat Plugins

The takeover of chatbots has ended. Although super time-friendly and efficient, they aren't human enough.

We understand that live chat isn't a viable option for everyone. Consider informing your audience that a bot is writing the responses. Alternately, use the auto-reply feature of your provider to 1) notify people of your absence or 2) send responses to FAQs.

Environmental Awareness

It's critical that your business cares about the environment.

Product-based businesses are encouraged through their eco-friendly initiative with their community. Service-based companies can partner with green organizations or can use their influence to publicize local environmental issues.

Last but not least - Live Content. This form of consumable content requires creators to get in front of a camera to deliver authentic, honest resources.