For Better Newsletters, Ask Yourself These Three Questions


This one-minute exercise can make a big difference in your mailing list engagement. So before you hit send, ask yourself these questions. If the answer is "yes" to all three, you can be sure your newsletter is going to resonate with your subscribers.

  1. Is this helping my ideal client solve their problems or reach their goals?

Be empathic to your readers' need to make everything about themselves. Make the reader your focus. Help them make their life easy or make their ideal lifestyle more reachable.

  1. Am I using quick and easy to understand language?

Use simple vocabulary. You want to be the resource, not Google. Complex phrases and technical terms force readers to look to search engines for clear answers.

  1. Will this subject get attention in a crowded inbox?

Want to educate, inform and inspire your audience conveniently? Get your emails read! If the subject line does not grab interest in an inbox with 100s of unread messages, it will very likely get ignored or deleted.

This Exercise Works Because...

Good newsletters rarely happen by chance. You can schedule high-quality email content every time by making sure it meets the three-question criteria.