Do You Have an About Page?


Can we be honest with each other and admit that writing about ourselves without coming across like we are pushy or bragging is hard? But, you are capable of doing hard things so let's break down this challenge.

What is an About Page?

An About Page tells your professional story, while building your like, know, and trust factor. It's more than a cover letter of your achievements or a short third-person author bio. Your about page communicates:

  • Who you are - for instance, you could be a married, dog mom who has visited two of the seven continents.
  • What you do - maybe, you help people nail their branding on Instagram.
  • Why you do it - possibly, you've always loved marketing, and losing your job during the pandemic pushed you to help others by starting your own business.

Why is a Well-Written About Page crucial?

  • It is the deciding factor in whether or not someone contacts you about your services or products.
  • It sets the tone for your brand voice and personality to stand out in your industry.
  • It establishes your niche authority - so that you can land press, podcast opportunities and ideal clients.
  • Most importantly, it makes your readers feel understood and positions you as the person to solve their problems.

With that said, we encourage you to write or revise the about page on your website soon.