Three Ways to Increase Opt-Ins With Trust


Many articles give the same tip — craft the right copy — because it works. However, most people landing on your opt-in have never interacted with your business before. Therefore, it is best to build trust and communicate the value for which you are offering. 

  1. Only ask for the information you need. This is not the place to ask for birthdays, as simplicity gives someone fewer excuses to abandon signing up.
  2. Share your social proof. Show visitors that other people loved your freebie and that they will too! There is no need to get formal here. Screenshot and share feedback showing that the content is a useful resource. Check your Facebook comments, email replies, and Instagram DM’s for this kind of social proof.

Helpful Hack! Include a sentence in one of your welcome sequence emails, asking for a testimonial.

  1. Include your privacy disclaimer. Not only does this protect your business and email list (remember GDPR), it’s a promise to keep subscriber's information 100% secure. Privacy disclaimers don't have to be complicated. Here is plug and play copy:

"By downloading this [workbook/guide/video/checklist], you agree to receive the occasional email from [your business name]. We promise to keep your information 100% secure, and you can unsubscribe at any time. Click here for our full Privacy Policy."

Let's revamp for success. You've done the hard work already, be confident people are going to take action with these trust-building tips.