Why Do You Need to Build a Website in 2021?


Almost everyone is launching a business or a side-hustle. Lots of people, even ones not so tech-savvy are killing it on social media, getting their name out there and building a community around their brand. While that's amazing, it means you need your own space to take your online relationships farther.

As experts in web hosting and design, we know websites are essential for creating connections and converting audiences into loyal, paying clients and customers. Do you need more convincing? Here are 3 ways websites are valuable to your business growth this year and beyond.

  • Credibility

Anyone can create a social media profile - it's free and easy! The effort required in setting up a website, however, shows that what you do is more than a hobby. It demonstrates that you take your work and business seriously.

  • Ownership

If your social media account gets hacked, banned, suspended or the platform disappears, so do all of your contacts and content. Owning your website URL gives you control. As you know by now, mitigating risks plays a large role in the success of your business.

  • Google

It's hard to stay relevant on social platforms, but SEO-friendly website content can generate an ongoing buzz on Google - even years later. This brings your business new visitors that you can then convert for a lifetime of sales.

  • Takeaway

If you want to own an all-in-one place to communicate your credibility and offers, plus position your brand on Google, get a website for your business.