Start Your Email List in 3 Simple Steps


In three simple steps, you can step up your mailing list, plus you don't even need a business or website to begin. Just be clear on your ideal audience, niche and your brand. Here's how to get started!

  1. Choose a web host.

There are countless email providers available. We recommend researching 2 to 3 options, then choose the one that's easiest to set up and utilize.

Here, at Dataczar, set up is easy and the support is excellent. If you so desire, you can always switch providers, when needed, to test different interfaces.

  1. Create your freebie opt-in.

An opt-in is a resource given to people in exchange for their email sign up. Downloadable resources are the most popular freebie type; however, discount codes from affiliate brands work as well.

Other alternatives to e-book opt-ins are 2-page templates, how-to guides, checklists, planners, or tips and tricks pamphlets.

  1. Publicize your offer everywhere

You're free to create links to your opt-in. Then share it on your social media pages, pin it to an appropriate image on Pinterest, and collaborate with brands to begin getting signups. Now and again, share the link to make new individuals aware of your newsletter.

Eventually, your host will provide performance feedback, which you can use to optimize your approach for growing a healthy list.