Are You Okay With the Pivot to Online Business?


Are you okay?

Seriously, how are you feeling? It's a question worth asking the people around us daily. Honestly, you don't need to feel okay every day.

Are you okay with pivoting online?

The pivot from brick and mortar to virtual isn't easy for some. But it is necessary to protect families, support employees, and keep businesses afloat during COVID.

Don't forget that online businesses don't have it easy either. For many online entrepreneurs pivoting has become necessary too, as clients are outgrowing current offerings. No one has it easy; we are all adjusting. Pivot is not without fear.

After all, change is scary. Reservations are natural — so permit yourself to change direction and expand into new areas. The beauty of pivoting is that it will reveal skills you never knew you had before. Plus, with successful launches, you can continue to build revenue streams.

You may not want to talk but try not pushing people who care away (this is a hard one!). When possible, address yourself from a place of empathy. Acknowledge your feelings, recognize your emotions, listen to your thoughts and use sympathetic language. We'll get through COVID together. How can we help?