What IG Reels Taught Us About Writing Engaging Emails


Reels are the rage right now because they're fun and worth the hype. The strategy behind reels is great for increasing open rates as they are very engaging and perfect for short attention spans. Here are our IG Reel takeaways for more email conversion - minus the dancing!

Your audience buys based on emotions, then justifies the purchase with logic. These short clips are emotive and for this reason it’s hard to look away. The same goes for compelling emails — don't be afraid to make readers get emotional.

Clear and Concise
The word count is fewer than a Tweet. This forces creators to get to the point while saying less. Simplicity helps you craft easy to understand emails that subscribers are excited to receive.

  • Write only for your audience.
  • Cut the jargon and fluffy language.
  • Write as you speak, there is no need to complicate things.

Reel creators give their ideal audience what they want. You should do the same: find out what motivates your audience and share things that align with their interests.

Solve one problem
From the start, clearly define the pain points. Share the cons or benefits of solutions (not the features) and let your audience know you were once in their shoes.

The first step to success is always knowing your ideal client and appearing human to them with feelings and stories - in concise, straightforward language.