Reasons Why You Need a Privacy Policy


There are several must-haves for online businesses. A legal disclaimer is one of them, here’s why:

  1. It builds trust with visitors. Some people do read the legal disclaimers or check for them in the website’s footer and opt-ins. If you’re lacking a legal disclaimer, you could lose the trust of these potential customers.

What about Terms and Conditions (T&C)? Terms and Conditions serve a different purpose. This declares what visitors are allowed and prohibited from doing with your content. Plus, it is easier to create a page to house the policy document you draft or purchase.

  1. You can't sell to Europe or Britain. If you want to sell to European or British countries, you'll need to meet the GDPR requirement with your privacy policy. Otherwise, you can face large fines and lawsuits.
  2. You can't advertise. Due to all the data breaches happening lately, you must have a privacy disclaimer to run ads with large ad providers. You may not advertise now but chances are you will in the future. So it's best to get this in place soon — rather than in the middle of a launch.

The point is: for a smooth launch, the ability to advertise, build trust, and sell to an EU-based audience, you must have a privacy policy.