Three Simple Ways to Elevate Your Holiday Content


Though fun, holiday content is time-sensitive. Given that it expires, it’s necessary to plan, to make your call-to-action clear and to check for errors.


Plan your evergreen content to reflect the holiday theme. This time-relevant approach to the topic piques interest and garners more clicks. Think about including gift guides, recipes, and even stories about a day in you or your employees' lives during the holidays.

It's best to start planning early. You want to make sure that you've covered all of the bases for festive topics and photos in advance.

Helpful advice - avoid saying, "Last week, we talked about [XYZ]" or "Tomorrow is [blank]" as these statements hurt the evergreen nature of your posts.

It's ideal for a piece of content to standalone, whether or not it is a part of a series. This way, it remains fresh when someone reads it (on the day it was published or five years later).

Strong Call-to-Actions

Be super clear on what you want readers to do next - whether it is to listen, to consider buying, signing up, commenting on, or trying something. Close with a suggested action, even on informational content.

Triple Check for Typos

It's easy to get nostalgic and swept up in emotions, allowing you to miss errors. Try not to be in too much of a time-crunch to allow for time to proofread your text.