Ways to Make the Most of Christmas for Your Brand


Are you ready for Christmas? Or will it sneak up on you and your business again this year?

Now is the time to plan for the merriest holiday of the year, before the rush. This means thinking through your client experience leading up to Christmas Day.

Christmas looks a bit different for everyone so think through and plan your messaging, offers and virtual events. Consider your clients' potential needs. What would make their brand experience memorable? These small things could go the extra mile in building customer relationships and loyalty.

You can be innovative and thoughtful with your gestures:

  • Where appropriate, adjust your package branding to be more festive. For instance, opting for "Merry Christmas" notes instead of "Thank You" notes.
  • If you refresh your social media photo and theme, make the change on all channels for consistency.
  • Use collaborations, giveaways and discounts strategically to treat your loyal customers and boost sales of non-seasonal products and services.
  • Optimize your website for increased traffic. Ensure your site loads quickly and all new deals and arrivals are above the fold of the home page with clear call-to-actions.
  • If Christmas colors, clothing or ornaments aren't on-brand, get creative with your captions instead.
  • Also, consider customization options like gift wrapping purchases.

The festive season isn't only for gaining sales, but building your brand for prosperity in the New Year.