How to Make Boring Newsletters Exciting


Do you have low newsletter engagement? It's a sign that your email content needs a refresher. Same strategy = Same results. Take advantage of new email marketing features and trends to make your insights lush with green statistics - with these four ideas.

Share your news
Give your audience newsworthy, behind-the-scenes highlights. Subscribers feel special when they have first dibs at exclusive information and limited offers. Do copy and paste, and drop article links sparingly as people subscribe for your voice.

Educate with purpose
Provide tips that your readers would likely be Googling. Every so often, de-bunk common industry myths or answer FAQs in replies.

Inject your personality and company culture
What products or services are your employee's currently into this week/month? What did this day last year look like for your brand?
Where appropriate, share your opinion or office stories when explaining a topic. And, if possible, create photos, gifs and videos in-house to showcase yourself and employees.

Show appreciation
Say, thank you when asking for birthdays (with sign ups), when sending automated happy birthdays, or when celebrating the anniversaries of email subscriptions. Remind your audience that you're grateful for them.

This year has been anything but mundane. Think about your core values and brand personality to choose fresh ideas to help you achieve your goals.