Spotlight On: Verona's Wellness


For this Business Spotlight, we catch up with Verona of Verona's Wellness.

Tell us about your business?
We are listed as an e-commerce and networking company and our niche is Holistic Wellness. We assist you in setting up your shopping accounts with us through a variety of Wellness Companies; to shop with an unparalleled shopping experience; and with an opportunity to start your own home based franchise with our company.

How did it get started?
Verona’s Wellness is derived from the struggles of the founder Verona and her own health and wellbeing issues in the pursuit of regaining her health. The company's flagship product, Rain Soul, contributes to her mental clarity and Verona wants to share this blessing with others.

How does Verona's Wellness use Dataczar?
We use Dataczar for our hosting, blogging, and email marketing.

Business Mission:
Our mission is to ignite passion and purpose through opportunities to equate balance.

Biggest Win:
This would be switching hosting platforms and now working with Dataczar.

Biggest Challenges:
Consistency and clientele are our biggest challenges.

Lesson Learned:
Selfless kindness is a super power. Sometimes we think we’re kind, but when we dig deep, we are only kind when it’s convenient. Real kindness and real compassion come when it's hard; when someone hasn’t been kind to us, but we still manage to respond with kindness and love. This is what I think is kindness and what I look for and what I strive for. It's also what I hope gets more attention. 
I have learned to appreciate life in every aspect of my journey, even when I think it’s not as perfect as I would love for it to be. I also learned that happiness is not a fulfillment of what we hope for, but an appreciation and spirit of gratitude for what we have now.

Fun Fact:
I am a big country music fan. I also have a love for soccer and chicken broccoli Alfredo pizza.

Favorite Quote:
“No man is an island” --John Donne

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