Common Business Email Mistakes


Etiquette is required when stepping into someone's personal space, even if that space is an inbox. Why make this mistake when you can learn from others?

Exclamation Point Overuse

Every sentence shouldn't end in an exclamation point. Be sure to limit your use as not to feel like you're using too many or too little. Going overboard with exclamation points can come across like you're shouting or being unprofessional.

Sending Without Proofreading

Even when rushing, be sure to proofread. Before you send, read and re-read your copy. Check to be sure that links to URLs and social media icons work. Lastly, look over visuals and signatures. That said, mistakes do occur and if so, then acknowledge them in your next correspondence. Repeated mistakes suggest mismanagement and unprofessionalism.

Overuse of Slang

Keep on-brand as your tone and language should be consistent across all touchpoints. Picture your ideal client and write like you’re speaking to them in a conversation. While trying to avoid corporate language and tone, be mindful of how casual your copy comes across. If your brand has honed a style then stick to it, otherwise use more formal, conversational wording.

Mysterious Subject Lines

Does curiosity spike interest? Sure, but it can also be annoying. If you can't find the right balance, play it safe. Clear subject lines make recipients more inclined to open to your newsletter than to ignore it completely.